Patient Recruitment

Patient recruitment can be one of the biggest challenges while conducting a clinical trial. Therefore, building Referral Networks can help improve patient enrollment and solve any potential problem.

Establishing a Referral Network can contribute to reaching the targeted number of subjects enrolled in a timely manner. This kind of project includes the identifying of centers and physicians who are not included in the study, but who are eager to refer patients to centers where the study is being conducted. Referring physicians are also provided with all the necessary documents and information in order to properly pre-screen patients prior to their visit to the main center.

In this way, more patients have access to the information regarding the development of the potential drug for their condition and to have the opportunity to participate in the clinical study. By taking part in such projects, physicians also gain new experience and offer their patients the best possible care.

2GL Outsourcing offers this service to the Sponsors and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and is eager to help with improving patient enrollment in clinical studies.