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Clinical Research Associates (CRA, PM, CTA, RA, SA), freelancers for clinical trials in Serbia and Balkan region!

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Our service begins with recruiting i.e. identifying potentially interesting candidates. The main task of our company is to attract the best candidates and identify and evaluate the most qualified of them. We also offer outsourcing of selected best personnel that can meet the most demanding requirements of the client.

The usual recruitment channels include direct access to potential candidates or public advertising. Thanks to the proven success of previous activities, constant monitoring of the labor market, wide network of contacts in different industries and trust of the potential candidates who contact us themselves daily, with our direct approach we achieve excellent results and fulfill the majority of our clients’ needs. By public advertising of open positions we achieve further expansion of information on the dynamics of employment by our clients.

Our role

Extremely valuable source of candidates is our internal candidate database as a vital part of our business, it is a useful direct source of interesting candidates, and also a source of information on other potentially interested candidates of the similar job profiles.

We serve a variety of selected customers. Our clients trust us with different specialist and administrative positions in the areas of pharmacy, marketing, sales, IT, new technologies and strategic management. We are primarily partners to our clients, which gives us a deeper understanding of the nature of their work and strategic goals. Thus we are in the best position to recruit the most appropriate individuals suitable to the requirements of the position and the very culture of the organization.