School of clinical studies 

April 15th – 16th, Banja Luka, RS, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Previous events:

Previous events

8th Regular Conference    ”Partnership in Clinical Trials”

Belgrade, Sava Centar, December 13th 2018  

7th Regular Conference “Clinical Trials Challenges” 

Belgrade, Sava Centar, December 14th 2017  

“GCP Days”, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hotel Bosna, March 24/25th 2017  

“HISPA CRA Symposium” 

Hotel Hayatt, Belgrade, March 3th 2017  

6th Regular Conference “Challenges in Clinical  Researches” 

Sava Centar, Belgrade, December 12th 2016  

“GCP Days”, Podgorica – Montenegro 

September 22/ 23rd 2016  

5th Regular Conference “Patients and Data Flow in Clinical Trials”

Sava Centar, Belgrade, December 14th 2015  

“Information or Advertisement” 

Sava Centar, Belgrade, October 26th 2015

Conference topics were some of the most important issues in this field, such as preparation and approval processes for advertising materials submitted to Ethical committee and ALIMS agency.  

4th Regular Conference “Clinical Trials Challenges”

Belgrade, Serbia 2014  

“Clinical Trial Challenges”  

Podgorica, Montenegro 2014  

3rd Regular Conference “Clinical Trial Challenges”

Belgrade, Serbia 2013  

“Clinical Trial Challenges”

Podgorica, Montenegro 2013  

“Study Startup Challenges”

Belgrade, December 10th 2012   

“Pharmacovigilance and Continuing Education”

Belgrade, April 6th 2012  

“Upcoming Challenges in Clinical Trials”

Belgrade, Hotel Prestige, November 23rd 2011  

“Upcoming Challenges in Drug Quality Control”

Belgrade, Hotel Prestige, October 17th 2011 

“Pharmacovigilance Update Workshop”

Belgrade, Sava Centar, June 10th 2011  

“Good Documentation Practice in Regulatory Procedures” 

Belgrade, Sava Centar, March 21st 2011